Liz Legg Jewelry


Liz Legg knew she wanted to design jewelry since age 19. Born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, Liz always held a fascination for fine craftsmanship and design. What began as repurposing broken jewelry fragments from antique markets, evolved into a fine jewelry line using 18kt gold, 22kt gold and platinum.

Before starting her business, Liz studied jewelry design at the Gemological Institute of America, GIA, in Carlsbad, California. After finishing the design program, Liz continued her jewelry education in New York City at GIA where she became a certified Graduate Gemologist.

Liz draws constant inspiration from travel, architecture, and nature. “I use everything from the pattern on a mosaic tile floor to flowers in the garden to draw inspiration,” she explains.

In addition to her jewelry line, Liz is passionate about custom design projects. “I love collaborating with each person to bring their visions to life,” says Liz. “My customers enjoy being involved throughout the process.”

Liz Legg
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